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Corrine Brownwell Elcom Systems

Name: Corrine Brownell

Title: Accounts Payable

Where are you from? Watersmeet, MI

How long have you worked at Elcom? Since 2016

How many years experience do you have? I am retired from public health. This is a brand new area for me. All of my experience has been working with the public and problem solving. This is very much the same except with numbers and not so much with the public.

What are your certifications/training/education? I am a graduate of Northern Michigan University with a BS in Psychology/Sociology. Trainings and certifications for me have all been directed toward my previous career.

What is your specialty area for Elcom? If you ask my boss he will say paying the bills. I see things a little bit differently. Being a part of the team and making sure we have fun is my real specialty!

Are you a veteran? If so, what branch, job in service, and length of service: I am the mother of an Army Military Police vet who served in Bosnia and Dessert Storm.

What do you do for fun? I love to sew. It’s been a part of my life since I was 4 (and that was many years ago!)

What is your favorite band? I would have to say that Fleetwood Mac was one of my all time favorites.

How would you describe the value Elcom provides to customers? Communication, and the ability to do so wherever a person is has become more and more important. Living in the isolated area of the UP makes that an even bigger challenge. Our service techs can work to personalize communication plans that work for any business or service provider. You don’t get that type of care through big businesses or internet sales.

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