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2-Way Radios Improve Response To Mission Critical Situations

Two-way Radios Let Public Safety Officials Communicate Reliably.

Motorola's diverse portfolio of 2-Way radio products for government and public safety allows customers to focus on their mission—not the technology.

When your mission matters most, there isn't time to waste struggling with poor communication or unreliable 2-Way radios. Trust Motorola to allow your team to have better information, better decisions, and a better outcome. View all of our radio two-way technologies and solutions to learn more

You are ready for the next call. With APX, So is your radio.

In an emergency, other first responders may be a few feet or several miles away. When every second counts, you need a radio you can rely on to get the job done. Since coordinating response and protecting lives is at the heart of every mission, every two-way radio transmission is crucial. And every radio has one job to do: keep you safe.

The APX P25 mission-critical two-way radio series redefines safety in portable communication. From the fire line to the factory line, APX puts the right device into the hands of the right user. Every feature and function is designed with its users in mind - from the rugged, easy to operate design to the loudest, clearest audio. The result is the ability to keep your people and community safer than ever before.

Coverage Enhancements

Coverage Enhancements

When you need mission-critical P25 two-way radios, depend on technology that was designed from the ground up to be resilient, secure and utterly dependable.

Elcom Motorola P25 Dispatch Consoles

P25 Dispatch Consoles

Dispatch puts real-time information in the hands of public safety personnel providing better information for better decisions. Check out some of the most popular models such as the Motorola MCC 5500 Console and the Motorola MCC 7500 Consoles.

Elcom P25 LTE User Devices

LTE User Devices

Whether it is high-priority broadband data or streaming real-time video, an urgent dispatch update or interoperable push-to-talk, our growing portfolio of Public Safety LTE infrastructure, devices, and services allows you to make use of this advanced mobile broadband technology – today.

Elcom Motorola Public Safety Mobile Radios

Public Safety Mobile Radios

Whether you are responding to a fire call or rushing to a robbery or break in, you need continuous communication and the ability to monitor voice activity at all times. You count on controls that are easy to locate and operate when situations get stressful.

Elcom Motorola Pagers

Motorola Pagers

Whether it's answering the call to an urban incident or a wildland fire, many firefighters, EMS personnel and other first responders rely on their pager. The new MINITOR VI™ Two-Tone Voice Pager is rugged, reliable and lightweight. These pagers are built for the realities of firefighting and emergency response.

Elcom Public Safety Police Cameras

Police Cameras

Whether your mission is to improve community relations or streamline evidence collection, police video cameras can play an important role. Our developing portfolio of integrated body-worn cameras and in-car “dash cameras” gives you the flexibility to improve operations for all your officers. Simplify evidence capture so your officers aren't obstructed by technology and engage more meaningfully with the community.

Elcom Motorola Public Safety Portable Radios

Public Safety Portable Radios

Motorola has taken safety to the extreme with their most advanced, superior radios with innovative features designed by first responders for first responders in extreme environments. Motorola knows no limits when it comes to public safety and interoperability.

Elcom Vehicle Upfitting

Vehicle Upfitting

Elcom Systems offers mobile vehicle upfitting and installation services for public safety, municipal, public works, city transit, school transportation, and commercial vehicles. Custom installations range from basic single radio, to fully equipped mobile command units with a full complement of equipment, accessories, and multi-radio systems.

Elcom P25 Accessories


Two-way radio offers the best technology when you need instantaneous, secure and controllable communications. Using the right accessories with the radio can add real value for you by providing a complete, customized solution that is safer, faster and easier to use with improved system performance.

CommandCentral Vault

CommandCentral Vault

CommandCentral Vault is a CJIS-capable cloud application, part of Digital Evidence Management Solution, designed to reduce administrative overhead, simplify digital storage challenges and maintain agency policy and compliance.



Compliant to Project 25 (P25) standards, ASTRO® 25 site equipment is built to maximize channel up-time, simplify system technology refresh, optimize efficient site design and minimize the cost of ownership.

License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition

Only Vigilant Solutions’ License Plate Recognition (LPR) platform includes powerful analytics that help to complete the investigative triangle of person, plate and location and that’s why agencies consider it a true force multiplier and essential law enforcement platform.

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